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At Health Today, we understand that your eyeglasses are a unique fusion of fashion and function. With today’s advanced lens technology, prescription lenses not only correct various vision problems but also offer a way to express your individuality and how you view the world. Our comprehensive selection of prescription eyewear is designed to cater to all vision correction needs and lifestyle preferences, ensuring you find the perfect pair of glasses that reflects your personal style while providing optimal vision clarity.


High Index and Aspheric Lenses: Ideal for those with strong prescriptions, these lenses are thinner and lighter, providing comfort and a more attractive appearance without the bulkiness associated with higher prescription strengths.

Polycarbonate Lenses: Known for their impact resistance, these lenses are up to 10 times more resilient than standard plastic lenses, making them an excellent choice for children’s eyewear, sports glasses, and safety glasses.

Photochromic Lenses: These smart lenses automatically adjust from clear to dark in the presence of UV light, offering convenience and protection in varying lighting conditions.

Bifocal Lenses: Designed to correct vision at two different distances, bifocal lenses feature two distinct viewing areas to accommodate the need for both near and far focus.

Progressive Lenses: Offering a seamless transition between multiple vision fields, progressive lenses eliminate the visible lines found in traditional bifocals and trifocals, providing a smooth, gradual change in lens strength for viewing at all distances.

Frame Materials: Health Today's selection includes frames made from various metals and plastics, offering benefits from durability to lightweight comfort. Whether you prefer the elegance of titanium or the versatility of acetate, we have the perfect frame material to suit your needs and preferences.

Caring for Your Lenses and Frames: At Health Today, we provide expert advice on lens care and frame maintenance to ensure your eyeglasses remain in top condition, offering tips for cleaning, storage, and adjustments for the perfect fit.

Second Pair of Glasses: Understand the importance of having a backup pair of glasses – for a change in style, as a precaution, or for specific activities. We encourage exploring the benefits of owning multiple pairs of eyeglasses to suit different occasions and needs.

Customization and Personalization: At Health Today, we believe in providing eyewear that perfectly matches your vision requirements and lifestyle. From selecting the right lens treatments to finding your ideal frame style, our team is dedicated to ensuring you receive personalized care and attention.

Expert Guidance: Our Health Today optometrists and optical staff are here to guide you through the process of selecting your prescription eyeglasses, offering insights into the best lens options and frame styles based on your prescription, facial features, and lifestyle.

Did You Know Alberta Health Care Covers Eye Exams?

Ages 0-18: AHS covers one annual eye exam for all children. Additional coverage for medical needs is possible; speak with your optometrist for more.
Ages 19-64: Eye exams are not covered, but check with your insurance or our visit us at Health Today for possible billing options.
Ages 65+: AHS covers one annual eye exam, with potential additional coverage for specific medical conditions; speak with your optometrist for more.
Note: Urgent eye care and infections are covered*; no referral is needed. 
*Confirm any additional costs with our Optometrist before the appointment.



Discover the ideal blend of style, comfort, and clarity with prescription eyeglasses from Health Today. Our commitment to quality eyewear and personalized optical services ensures you’ll find the perfect pair of glasses to enhance your vision and complement your personal style. Visit us today to explore our extensive collection and experience the difference that precision-crafted prescription eyewear can make in your life.

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