Contact Lenses Eye Exams

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Contact lenses offer a flexible and convenient alternative to traditional eyeglasses, fitting various lifestyles and preferences. At Health Today, we emphasize the importance of proper contact lens fitting for comfort and optimal vision correction. Our contact lens exams include a regular vision assessment, a comprehensive eye health evaluation, and a detailed contact lens consultation and measurement. The Canadian Association of Optometrists highlights the necessity of these exams to ensure safety and hygiene in contact lens use. Regular eye exams are crucial for maintaining eye health and addressing conditions that could affect contact lens wear.

Exploring Innovations in Contact Lenses

Health Today recommends personalized contacts based on your needs. Options include daily to monthly disposables, soft to rigid gas permeable lenses, and specialized lenses for conditions like astigmatism or dry eyes. Our optometrists suggest the best fit, including multifocal and colored lenses for those over 40 or with unique vision requirements.

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Specialized Solutions for Challenging Fits

Advancements in contact lens technology mean more people can enjoy the benefits of contact lenses, even those previously considered hard to fit. Our team at Health Today is skilled in fitting specialty contacts for conditions like severe astigmatism and dry eyes, ensuring comfort and clear vision for all our patients.

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Precision Contact Lens Fitting

Customized Fitting for Optimal Comfort and Vision. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work for contact lenses. At Health Today, we take precise measurements to ensure a perfect fit, crucial for clear vision and eye health. Our fitting process includes:

Corneal Curvature Measurement
Pupil/Iris Size Measurement
Tear Film Evaluation
Trial and Prescription
Follow-up Care

Using a keratometer, we measure the curvature of your cornea, essential for fitting the lens curve to your eye. For astigmatism, we may use “toric” lenses or perform detailed corneal topography.

Did You Know Alberta Health Care Covers Eye Exams?

Ages 0-18: AHS covers one annual eye exam for all children. Additional coverage for medical needs is possible; speak with your optometrist for more.
Ages 19-64: Eye exams are not covered, but check with your insurance or our visit us at Health Today for possible billing options.
Ages 65+: AHS covers one annual eye exam, with potential additional coverage for specific medical conditions; speak with your optometrist for more.
Note: Urgent eye care and infections are covered*; no referral is needed. 
*Confirm any additional costs with our Optometrist before the appointment.

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