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Disposable contact lenses offer unmatched comfort and convenience for those preferring not to deal with the maintenance of rigid gas permeable lenses. At Health Today, we're committed to providing a wide array of disposable lenses to suit every vision need and lifestyle. Our Health Today eye care professionals are here to guide you through the various types of disposable contact lenses available, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your eyes and daily routine.


At Health Today, we understand the importance of finding the right type of contact lens for your lifestyle and vision needs. We offer an extensive selection of disposable contact lenses, including daily disposables, bi-weekly, and monthly lenses, each designed for ease of use, comfort, and eye health.

  • Daily Disposable Lenses: Ideal for those seeking the utmost convenience, daily disposables are used once and then discarded, ensuring a fresh, comfortable lens each day without the need for cleaning or storage.
  • Bi-Weekly Disposable Lenses: These lenses strike a balance between convenience and cost-effectiveness, requiring replacement every two weeks. Proper cleaning and storage in contact lens solution overnight are essential to maintain eye health.
  • Monthly Disposable Lenses: For those who prefer a longer wearing cycle, monthly disposables offer a cost-efficient solution, requiring regular cleaning and storage to prevent infections and maintain lens quality.

Health Today also provide disposable lenses, including toric lenses for astigmatism and multifocal lenses for presbyopia. Coloured disposable lenses are available for those looking to enhance or change their eye colour while correcting their vision.

Choosing the Right Disposable Lenses

Choosing the Right Disposable Lenses

Our team at Health Today takes pride in offering personalized care to each patient. During your visit, we'll conduct a comprehensive eye exam to determine your prescription and discuss your lifestyle and preferences to recommend the best disposable lens option for you. We emphasize the importance of proper lens care and handling to prevent complications and ensure the healthiest possible lens-wearing experience.

Did You Know Alberta Health Care Covers Eye Exams?

Ages 0-18: AHS covers one annual eye exam for all children. Additional coverage for medical needs is possible; speak with your optometrist for more.
Ages 19-64: Eye exams are not covered, but check with your insurance or our visit us at Health Today for possible billing options.
Ages 65+: AHS covers one annual eye exam, with potential additional coverage for specific medical conditions; speak with your optometrist for more.
Note: Urgent eye care and infections are covered*; no referral is needed. 
*Confirm any additional costs with our Optometrist before the appointment.

Why Choose Health Today for Your Disposable Contact Lenses

  • Expert Guidance: Our Health Today optometrists provide tailored advice to help you select the ideal disposable lenses for your specific needs.
  • Wide Selection: From daily to monthly disposables, we offer a variety of lenses from leading brands to ensure quality and satisfaction.
  • Personalized Care: Health Today is dedicated to your eye health and comfort, providing thorough instructions on lens care and handling, and offering follow-up care to address any concerns.

At Health Today, we're here to make your transition to disposable contact lenses seamless and rewarding. Visit us to discover the freedom and comfort that disposable lenses can bring to your life.

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